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Class begin from I-Panda

  • Author:John
  • Source:I-Panda
  • Release on :2014-05-21

Nowadays, it is warmly welcome to studyhard person, and those people who is never to learn will be eliminated by thesociety before long, and we should know the ability we own merely representwhat we have at present. Only by studying continuously, can we reach a brightfuture. Focus on this, the dean of the I-Panda business academy announceWednesday is our studying day.

On May 15.2014, Grace brought us the courseexhibition knowledge,share with us.the following photo is the spot ,pleaselook.

When the course came to an end ,some of thestudent commented as follow:

Randy said:this class is lively,bepersonally on the scene,reminding us to learn hard and fighting for a chance toattend exhibition.

John said:i got a lot which haven’t beenlearned before,by analyzing several plots, i suddenly understand how importantthe detail is,that’s why someone has so high close rate.

Zoe said: I like this course very much,itlets me know more about the exhibition,and i will take my best shot,on the exhibition.

At last, Our learning director Mis Tangmade a conclusion:

Tonight ,very thanks for Grace’s sharing,by studying this course, we have a new view about the exhibition. The contentof the class is rich,especially several cases touched us. We should always

rememberclients are gods,we should solve problems for the customers, we communicatewith clients by knowing their requirements.and we must notice our behavior andwords.

That’s all, see you next week.

From:Advertising Department,I-Panda