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MPPT Solar Charge Controller Update Operation Steps

  • Author:Jim
  • Release on :2014-05-05
As some OEM clients want to customize the logo of MPPT controller or other subject related that. And the update file will be immediately sent to the customers who needs the demands. The MPPT Solar Charge Controller update operation steps as follow. You can also watch the video.    http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XNTI5MDAwNDYw.html

The input and output of controller should be connected properly before update operation. And the controller must be connected the PC through RS232.

Step 1:  Install the software VC 6.0

Step 2: Click the ReflashTool.exe

Step 3: Click the connect and check whether the communication between PC and controller works well.

Step 4: Click the OpenFile and then find out the updating file SolarCharge.hex

Step 5: Click the Update

Step 6:

Reboot the MPPT controller after the update operation is done. (PS: The PV input of MPPT controller must be turn off first and then cut off the output )

Connect the input and output of the controller again. (PS: The output must be connected first and then connect the PV input while the MPPT controller is working)