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How to design an off grid solar system

  • Author:Randy
  • Source:marketing department
  • Release on :2015-02-11

Recently, we have many customers inquiring about how to design an off grid solar system for their own customers? As required, the following steps are a brief introduction.


Take 2000W load and 5 hours using time a day as an example.

Total power consumption: 2000w*5 hour / 90%( inverter’s conversion efficiency)≈11100WH


1. Inverter selection

It is the best that the load’s power is not more than 80% of the inverter’s rated out power. So we choose 2500w inverter here. If the loads are resistive, modified sine wave inverters is ok. For inductive loads, pure sine wave inverter is necessary.


2. Solar panels selection

If the effective sunlight time is 6 hours per day, and take charging efficiency and power loss during charging into consideration, the solar panel’s output power should be 11100Wh / 6h / 80% = 2300W (300w * 8 pieces).


3. Charge controller selection

For 300W solar panels, its maximum output current is 9A. So your charge controller’s charging current should be at least 10A. There are PWM and MPPT type for your choice.


4. Battery selection

If using a 12V battery, with 50% depth of discharge, you should use 2300Wh / 12V / 50% ≈400Ah (2 pieces of 200AH) battery. If you choose 24V battery, the battery capacity should be 2300Wh / 24V / 50% ≈200Ah


The above is just a simple calculation. If you need more accurate configuration, please feel free to contact our I-Panda sales staff.