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Good product solution +Good Service+ Strategy=successful bid

  • Author:Jessica
  • Source:marketing department
  • Release on :2015-01-13

Just like every Wednesday I-Panda business school experience sharing, this Wednesday, Owen shared his experience on how to successfully won his first bid. Last week, Owen and the product engineer team on MPPT charge controllers and inverters successfully got a bid for inverters with built-in solar charge controllers. They got 4 hours flight to another province and spent 3 days in experiencing all the bid. There are 5 sectors during the bid. After this bid, Owen summarized several words from his experience: Good product solution +Good Service+ Strategy. From hundreds of suppliers and manufacturers, what is the most important based on high quality and competitive price on products. That’s it. Good product solution makes project works smoothly. Good service is a good indemnification. Strategy during bid makes you stand out. Of course, attitude+patience+details is also very important basic factors.


Good product solution +Good Service+ Strategy this is what Owen learned from his experience. And thanks for his sharing, we know how to prepare for a bid. Summary is important, it makes get experience and shortage on themselves. And make them do things better next time.