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I-Panda culture---Hunamity and Development

  • Author:Tracy
  • Source:Foreign trade sector
  • Release on :2014-12-17

Like our companies' name, we love our employees, customers and society, and focus on develope together with them.

 No matter in our work or life, we always like a big family, We have established a commission of care to care employee's life and work. when birthday our department will have a party and we will get gifts, when someone is sick , the commission member will visit them. when met some problems our commission also assist us to deal with. we are not alone, but we have strong family. Besides, on August Yunnan Ludian had a earthquake, our company had a kind donations, society is a bigger family.

 I-Panda also focus on employees and customers develope together with enterprise. We specially set up business institute to learn and discuss mppt solar charge controller and power inverter products knowledges and skills, sometime some foreign clients visit us specially to study and communicate with each other. By this, our employees and clients continuallygrow up.

 .Our mission is that to create a better future together with our employees and clients, contribute our power to energy industry and society.