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2014 Brazil Solar & wind power will be 42.98 billion investment

  • Author:Grace
  • Release on :2014-09-13

According to foreign media reports, due to the rapid expansion of solar & wind power in Brazil to continue this year, renewable energy developers will invest $ 7 billion (approximately RMB429.8 billion) in the field of solar & wind power in Brazil.

According to the Brazilian solar &  Wind Energy Association Abeeólica said that wind power must overcome fears of supply chain issues, to ensure the successful implementation of new projects.

"Supply chain issues is an emerging challenge, but we must quickly overcome." President of the Brazilian Wind Energy Association Elbia Melo said, "Last year, we sold 4.7 GW of solar &  wind power, which means that we have to manufacture equipment. Development of the production chain may is the most important aspect of our need. "

Earlier, the Brazilian federal energy planning company EPE said to 2024 the share of wind power to the national grid from the current 4% to 11%.

According to government data, at present, wind power installed capacity more than 5 GW, 130 GW of installed capacity in Brazil is expected.

Inject more investment this year will further promote the development of wind power in Brazil.