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I-Panda power the world

  • Author:John
  • Release on :2014-10-11


I-Panda is a professional manufacturer of new energy products.We specialize in MPPT solar charge controller, car inverter, industrial inverter, solar inverter, solar generating system, UPS and so on. 

We have applications that successfully used for power security service in national key projects including high-speed rail, metro, CCTV mobile control room, 2010 Guangzhou Asian Games and 2011 Shenzhen Universiade etc. They are also used to the fields of electricity, fire fighting, transportation, finance, construction, and widely exported to over two hundred countries and area.

All the products in our factory were strictly checked,material check,parts check,semi-finished product checking and finished product checking,then be sent to the ware house, all this steps obey to the ISO9001,ISO14001management, and the products also passed the CE,RoHS,FCC etc certificates.

I-Panda offer one step service,pre-sale service,after-sale service and warranty,during these items you will get technical instruct,products knowledge,market analysis,superior service and high reputation warranty.


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