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The exhibition tour in Shanghai

  • Author:John
  • Release on :2014-05-30
In May, a sunny, clear blue skies. We set foot on a memorable trip to Shanghai exhibition.
On May 20 to 22, we took part in the Shanghai SEMC,bringing our 5 new products meeting our passionate, serving every customer with kind heart.
Are you watching the beautiful MPPT solar controller and inverter in the photo.

Our manager is interviewed by the CCTV,about the company's future.

After the exhibition, we started our crazy tour of Shanghai 

The first station of our shanghai tour:town god's temple

The second station: the bund 

The beauty of the night at the bund notoriously,which is the city's most attractive charm.The bund in Shanghai huangpu district where is located in the downtown of huangpu river, it is Shanghai scenery line, the other side of the huangpu river is pudong Oriental pearl tower, jinmao building. such landmarks landscape,where visitors will certainly come to, as long as they come to shanghai.

The third sation: the Oriental pearl tower 

We stood under the tower,our joy with the luxury lighting buildings seems passing through the night sky

The Forth station:Chinese pavilion - the Chinese museum of art 

Let I-Panda flag left good memory in front of Chinese pavilion.

Four days of tour come to an end, see you, beautiful Shanghai!

From:Advertising Department,I-Panda