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Pakistan import of solar panels in 2015 will turn triple

  • Author:Zoe
  • Source:marketing department
  • Release on :2015-01-29

New Energy Development Agency of Pakistan National release Statistics data. Currently, Pakistan's electricity gap is up to 6,000 megawatts,and  daily power outages in urban and rural areas for eight hours and 11 hours respectively.


In order to alleviate the energy crisis to fill the power gap, the Government of Pakistan in December 2014 enacted a package of policies to encourage domestic solar power. Abolished 32.5% import duty of solar panels , in order to reduce the cost of solar panels installation.


Pakistan panels supplier Nauman Khan, said the New Deal will make 2015 solar solar equipment imports become triple. 2013, private sector imports 350MW solar panels, but with  government raising import tariffs, in 2014 figure dropped to 128MW. Khan expressed that private companies in 2015 panels will import up to 800MW.


On grid and off grid and solar industry of Pakistan is growing rapidly with the policy support of the government.Currently, some of our off grid projects with pakistan government are on discussion. We will step up the pace to grasp the most advanced science and technology, develop more high-performance low-cost MPPT controller and off-grid inverter to improve the global power environment, last year we have lauched the globally affordable mppt solar controller I-P-eSAMRT. For Pakistan suppliers, it is very good chance to import low-cost power products to benefit more people. As a controller manufacturer, sincerely hope that Pakistan will soon get rid of the power crisis, enjoy the high quality and green life.