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PK on speech of solar products

  • Author:Jessica
  • Source:Foreign trade sector
  • Release on :2014-12-04

Every three month, we have a PK activity in sales department in I-Panda. In the end of last month, we held an competition of speech on products (MPPT charge controllers and inverters). Please follow my steps to review the fierce and warm time.


On spot

Speakers VS judges and audiences. To get a good speech result and show professional knowledge, every speak has his or her unique skills. Unique prologue to attract attention, different customer experience show,  real product show, etc.


Back ground

Before this address, the fresher colleague have just learned about products for 1 week, including training class on solar energy system, operation demonstration on products and how to maintain off grid system..


Feature part

There was one colleague who names Lucy. She had a cold. And she was a little nervous to express so fluently. However, she showed her insist on finishing this speech by her way. And she was with tears in her eyes after finishing this speech for she practiced for a long time. She showed her determination and optimism on a good address in next competition.


This PK competition finished, but the we need to find more potential on ourselves, just like Owen said, it is a chance to find problems and solve problems. This is what the PK competition means. By this game, it will help fresher colleague to find potential on solar industry products and address skills.