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Rack mounted MPPT solar charging controllerRack mounted MPPT solar charging controller

Rack mounted MPPT solar charging controller

  • System voltage: DC 12V/24V/36V/48V Auto
  • charge current:30A 120A
  • Maximum PV (voc) voltage: 150V

    Ipandee rack type MPPT solar energy system use 19 inch/2U struc-ture,which can be easily embedded into the cabinet,easy to install,automatically identify a variety of different voltage levels,with per-fect protection function and strong stability;

    Application fields:communication base station,photovoltaic emer-gency/backup power supply,photovoltaic energy storage system,transportation,petroleum and military power protection,Barriersystem and other fields;

    MPPT efficiency >99.5%,and the conversion efficiency of the whole machineis as high as 98%;
    * charging mode:four stage charging (constant current,constant voltage,float-ing charge and boost);

    * load mode has normally open/normally closed mode;

    * automatic identification of battery system voltage;

    * customers can choose(set)battery type and parameters to support lithiumbattery charging;

    * with current limiting charging function,when the power of the battery boardis too large,the charging power will be maintained automatically,and thecharging current will not exceed the rated value;

    * High Definition LCD display,which can view the equipment operation dataand working status;

    * RS485 communication,standard Modbus protocol,unified integrated man-agement and secondary development;

    * Support PC upper computer software monitoring and WiFi/Bluetoothmodule expansion to realize app cloud monitoring;

    * products have passed CE,ROHS,FCC and other certification;

    1. The above is the standard parameters of the company. If there are any changes, please check our official website;
    2. Our company can customize non-conventional MPPT controllers for customers and provide OEM and ODM services;

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