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Low frequency 1000W pure sine wave inverter with built-in mppt solar charge controllerLow frequency 1000W pure sine wave inverter with built-in mppt solar charge controllerLow frequency 1000W pure sine wave inverter with built-in mppt solar charge controllerLow frequency 1000W pure sine wave inverter with built-in mppt solar charge controller

Low frequency 1000W pure sine wave inverter with built-in mppt solar charge controller

  • related output power: 1000W;
  • peak power: 2000W;
  • battery voltage: DC 24V;
  • output voltage:220V±3% or 230V±3 or 240V±3% or 100V±3% or 110V±3% (optional)
  • built-in mppt solar charge controller
  • voltage: DC 24V;
  • current: 20A;
  • max.PV input voltage: 100V;
  • PV charge efficiency: upto 99%;
  • max.PV input power:568W.


1. Off-grid solar power system

2. Solar power system with utility as complementary power


1. Easy to install. To configure a solar system, customers only need to connect it with solar panels and batteries;

2. CPU management ,intelligent control,modular designUser-friendly LCD display;

3. Built-in MPPT controller, high charging efficiency;

4. Low power consumption, high conversion efficiency;

5. Intellectual,multifunction, convenient for customers with different using environment

    to fully use the solar energy 

6. External battery connection, convenient to expand back-up power time;

7. Strong load-carrying ability, low failure rate, easy maintenance and long service life 

8. Perfect protection: low voltage protection, over voltage protection, overheat 

    protection, short-circuit protection, overloads protection;

9. CE / EMC / LVD/ RoHS Approvals;

10. Two years warranty, life-long technical supports.


1. Charging function

There are 2 modes as shown bellow:


2. Utility as complementary power function

There are 2 kinds of complementary modes, shown as bellow:

1.1  AC first , DC standby UPS mode

1.2  DC first, AC standby UPS mode.


  3. Timing function 

There are 2 kinds of timing mode:

3.1  Timed on/off normal working mode and sleep mode.

3.2  Battery and utility switchable mode.

4. Recording/checking function

4.1 Machine fault checking: can check the machine fault information

4.2 Discharge time checking: can check the discharge time of the battery


1. Charging Parameter

Charge ModesettingPV chargePV charge + utility charge;



Max PV Input Voltage:100V;

PV Charge Efficiency95%~99%;

Max PV Input Power:568W;

AC Charge Current0~15A;

Charge Mode3-Stage Charging.

2. Inversion parameter

AC Output Voltage:220V±3% or 230V±3 or 240V±3% or 100V±3% 
or 110V±3% optional);

Frequency:50Hz±0.5 or 60Hz±0.5 optional

Output wave type:Pure sine wave output, waveform distortion rate≤3;

Overload ability :120% 1 min, 130% 10s;

Power Consumption (under normal working mode):0.4A;

Power Consumption(under sleep mode):1-6W;

Inverter Conversion Efficiency:85%~92%

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