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I-Panda 350w controller and inverter series SPC hybirdI-Panda 350w controller and inverter series SPC hybirdI-Panda 350w controller and inverter series SPC hybirdI-Panda 350w controller and inverter series SPC hybird

I-Panda 350w controller and inverter series SPC hybird

  • Component
  • 1) Pure sine wave inverter low-frequency high-quality (utility charge   
  • function and UPS function)
  • 2) Built-in solar charge controller PWM
  • Application
  • 1) solar power system off-grid
  • 2) Solar system with grid power as a complementary


1) Easy to install. To set up a solar system, customers simply plug with solar panels and batteries.

2) CPU management and control, modular design

3) LCD screen, can visually display different parameters (such as output voltage, frequency, operating mode, etc.)

4) Multifunction design, customers do not need to buy solar controller, charger, stabilizer, etc.

5) Connecting the external battery to extend the time convenient backup power; user can connect as many batteries as needed according to local sun and light wind.

6) Great capacity and high capacity, this series of & amp; nbsp; Investors can not only lead resistance load; but also various types of inductive loads such as engine, air conditioning, electric drills, fluorescent lamps, gas, etc. It can handle almost any type Load

7) Under circuit design frequency pure sine wave, good system stability, easy to maintenance, low failure rate and long service life (in proper operation, It can be as long as five years)

8) Perfect protection: protection of low voltage, over voltage protection, overheat protection, short circuit protection, overload protection

9) CE / EMC / LVD / RoHS / EMC approvals CCC

10) 2 year warranty, technical supports lifelong



1 Sole investment function in the reverse mode (only connected to the battery), & amp; nbsp; can be set in the normal operating mode and sleep mode

1.1 & amp; nbsp; Normal working mode: FREQUENCY on the LCD screen is set to 01 No matter if AC loads connected investor or not, the inverter output terminal voltage will always be ready to supply power to the loads. In this mode, the LCD screen will display as below:

1.2 & amp; nbsp; Sleep mode: FREQUENCY on the LCD screen is set to 02. If power loads that are connected to the investor is less than 5% of Inverter rated power, there is no output of the inverter. That is, only chip inverter is working in these conditions and energy consumption it's just 1-6W; If the power of the loads connected to the inverter is than 5% of the rated power of the inverter, the inverter automatically starts the role of investment and supply power to the loads within 5s. As shown below:

System introduction in this way:

1) Only the solar panel charges the battery

2) Unique independent off-grid solar system; suitable for areas that are & amp; nbsp; & Amp; nbsp; & Amp; nbsp; & Amp; nbsp; & Amp; nbsp; lack of utility or are rich in solar energy

Two. UPS useful function underMode dad (connected to battery and utility) can be useful to establish a principle, standby battery and Battery first standby useful.

2.1. Utility first UPS battery standby mode: the LCD frequency is set to 01 When both the utility and the battery are connected to the inverter, utility will supply power to the loads before the battery. When the utility is cut, the battery to supply power automatically continue after the investment.

Steps They are:

Step 1: When power is available, it will be output immediately after stress stabilized and battery charging at the same time.

Step 2: When the power fails suddenly, the inverter converts DC the AC automatically to ensure uninterrupted power supply within 5ms.

Step 3: When power becomes available again, it will automatically transfer utility to supply power to the loads and charge batteries simultaneously.

View Workflow as follows:

LCD appears as bellow:

System introduction in this way:

 1) There are 2 ways to charge the battery, utility and solar panel

 2) This system is suitable for power systems constructed in areas without utility or propulsion systems that are frequently used in areas with / without utility

2.2. Battery first, expected utility UPS mode: frequency on the LCD screen is set to 03. & amp; nbsp; When both the utility and battery are connected to the inverter, battery will supply power to the loads before utility. When the battery capacity is not enough, utility will continue to deliver power automatically.

Steps They are:

Step 1: When the battery has sufficient power, that will power loads directly

Step 2: When the battery has sufficient power, will be automatically transferred to utility supply power to loads

Step 3: After the battery is fully charged (eg by solar or wind load controller), it will then automatically be transferred to the battery power supply loads.

View Workflow as follows:

LCD appears as bellow:


System introduction in this way:

 1) There is only one way to charge the battery: Solar panel

 2) This system is suitable for areas where electricity is expensive and environmental areas where solar energy can be fully used to conserve power network, as solar Family & amp; amp; wind system and solar lantern & amp; amp; Wind system




Nominal Output Capacity


Pico Power


Battery Voltage (DC)

12V or 24V

PWM Solar controller


12V or 24V



Max PV Input Voltage

12V System: 25V

24V System: 50V

Size W x D x H (mm)

335 * 165 * 375

Packing Size W x D x H (mm)

355 * 185 * 395

Net Weight (kg)


Gross Weight (kg)


General Parameter

Work (Selection) Mode


Utility First, standby battery


Dream Similarly, no utility power load exceeding 5% of the nominal power, start working automatically


Battery first pending utility

AC Entrance


220 V ± 35% or 110V + 35% (Optional)


50Hz ± 3% or 60 Hz ± 3% (Optional)

AC Exit


220V ± 3% or240V or 230V ± 3 ± 3% or ± 100 V or 110 V 3% ± 3% (Optional)


50Hz ± 0.5 or 60 Hz ± 0.5 (Optional)

Utility Receivables

AC Charging current

0 ~ 15A

Load Time

It depends Capacity and quantity of battery

Battery Protection

Automatic detection, protection for loading and unloading, Intelligent Management

PV Load

Total PV input current must be less than the rated current


Display Mode


Display Information

Entrance voltage, output voltage, output frequency, battery capacity, state of charge, state information

Exit Wave mode

Pure sine wave output, rate≤3 waveform distortion

Overload Skill

& Gt; 120% 1 min, & gt; 130% 10s

Power Consumption

Dream Mode

1 ~ 6W

Normal Mode

1 ~ 3

Conversion Efficiency

80% ~ 90%

Transfer Time

& Lt; 5 ms (AC to DC / DC to AC)


Overload output short circuit, high voltage input, low input voltage, overheating



-10 ℃ ~ 50 ℃


10% ~ 90%



  • The above parameters with "o" means that the parameter has to do factory settings according to customer preference.
  • We have our own professional driver and UPS inverter R & amp; amp; D and provide technical support and OEM service.
  • The information above is the standard parameter controller of our company can be changed according to customer's requirement.

Connection Diagram


Please see the outline design, technical documents, product brochures, etc

Made by the Department of Engineering, May 5, 2014, 1st Edition

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